• Model 2200
  • Model 2200

Model 2200


High lon Current Output for FPD Industry
Microprocessor Based Digital Platform  
Voltage Adjustment for Both Polarities
Timing Adjustment for Both Polarities
Remote Controller Adjustment

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Contamination and ESD issues in FPD are critical issues due to its design changes along with higher definition and fast refresh rates of display panels.FPD's contamination and ESD sensitivity are heavily related with it's size and thickness. Glass sizes are getting increasing.

General ESD control methodology do not work properly in FPD environment such as grounding procedure and adopt conductive contact materials.Semiconductor wafers and IC are relatively small and conductive.FPD panels are highly insulative and large capacitances.To neutralize this FPD panels in production manufacturers requires different level of ionization.
Model 2200 is innovative design for fast and large area neutralization such as Gen 8 FPD plates or bigger in production.Dual symmetrical ionization system produce extremely large amount of ions through Pulsed DC technology.

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